Top 10 Spring Hazards for Pets

  1. Spring cleaning: Keep all cleaning products out of reach from your pets. Many of them contain hazardous, toxic chemicals. Be sure your floor cleaner is safe for use around pets.
  2. Parasites: Fleas seem to have stuck around all winter but are ready to come into full effect now that the weather is warming up. The ticks are also back in town. Check your pets daily after walks or play outside.
  3. Gardening: Don’t forget that many fertilizers and pesticides are harmful to your pets if ingested.
  4. Plants: Many plants and bushes in our gardens spring back to life this time of year. Don’t let your pet chew on or ingest them, as many are toxic if ingested. A few to name are: azaleas, rhododendrons, foxglove, lilies and daffodils.
  5. Home renovations: Spring brings out the renovation mode in many of us. Monitor your pets closely around paint, solvents, nails, staples, etc. It is usually best to try and keep pets out of the construction zone.
  6. Allergy season: Many pets suffer from seasonal allergies, just like us. Some common signs of allergies are itchy skin and ears or weepy eyes. Contact your veterinarian if allergies are making your pet uncomfortable.
  7. More time outdoors: Be sure your pet has adequate identification on them at all times (microchips, ID tags, tattoos). We often spend more time outdoors when the weather warms up and many pets will wander further on their own. If they are to become lost, proper identification will help them arrive home safe and sound.
  8. Open windows: Make sure screens on your windows are secure. Cats enjoy basking in the sun and napping against warm windows. We don’t want them falling and injuring themselves.
  9. Fishing tackles: There is often lots of good springtime fishing to be done but it is best to keep your pets away from your tackle box. Dogs may want to try and ingest a fishhook while cats think shiny tackles and fishing line make great toys.
  10. Shedding season: Warm weather brings out the need to shed winter coats for all animals. Brush them daily to avoid matting and excessive hairballs.



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We are a full service veterinary hospital with a holistic approach offering ultrasound, acupuncture, chiropractic and herbal consultations along with complete medical, surgical and diagnostic services. Our focus is to provide veterinary care for your pet(s) in a clean, modern, caring and compassionate environment.
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