Meet “Chanel”

Meet Chanel

Chanel is one of our resident cats. Her sister “Stella” also lives here in hospital. Their current daily duties include things such as: cuddling with recovering patients, nuzzling up to clients in exam rooms, teaching canine patients that not all cats are out to get them and getting into dog treat jars by quietly lifting the lid with their paws and quietly replacing the lid after eating a few treats.


About eagleviewvet

We are a full service veterinary hospital with a holistic approach offering ultrasound, acupuncture, chiropractic and herbal consultations along with complete medical, surgical and diagnostic services. Our focus is to provide veterinary care for your pet(s) in a clean, modern, caring and compassionate environment.
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2 Responses to Meet “Chanel”

  1. mspleasant says:

    Is Chanel the cat who bats you with her paw or is that Stella?

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